Sanatana Rishiprokta Gayatri Maha Parishath

The imperative for us to embrace the mantle of spiritual warriors in safeguarding Sanatana Dharma amidst today’s socio-economic landscape cannot be overstated. This monumental endeavor transcends the capacity of any singular individual; it stands as a collective truth! Within this narrative, infused with the grace of the Divine Mother and the profound blessings of revered Acharyas such as Kanchi Paramacharya, the resurgence of Sanatana Dharma has been propelled forward. 

Under the visionary leadership of Brahmasri Nemani Subbarao Pantulu Garu, the inception of the Sanatana Rishiprokta Gayatri Maha Parishath on March 9th, 2023, marked a pivotal moment in this ongoing saga. Its objectives encompass the widespread of Vedas, the preservation of sacred cows, and the dissemination of devotion and spiritual wisdom.

Veda Prachaaram
We all know that the Sanatana Dharma as set of rules / practices to be followed by every one as a lifestyle. These rules or aspects of lifestyle, are derived and well documented as Vedas by our ancient Rushis after experiencing them. Thus to achieve Global harmony Parishath took the responsibility of spreading the importance of Vedas by encourage Veda pandits and veda pathasalas and designed some projects to popularize the veda parayanam.

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